Building design

Our goal is to provide the ideal house for your requirements and perfectly adapted to and integrated into its surroundings. We undertake a detailed survey of the site in order to understand all its particularities including the views, sunlight, terrain and access. We ensure that all these elements are considered in the design in order to achieve your vision.

We believe that a holistic approach to design provides the best solutions at the best prices so we bring the whole team to the table right from the start of the project.

We make sure all materials are sourced locally and responsibly and we are great believers in reusing existing buildings and materials.

  • Architectural design
  • CAD drawings
  • Concept planning
  • Permitting assistance
  • Production of tender documents
  • Surveys/due diligence of existing buildings
  • Design of passive houses, maison BBC and Minergie buildings
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We know that sustainability is not just about environmental impact – your home needs to be financially and socially sustainable too. That’s why we undertake full life cycle energy and cost assessments of your project as well as CO? emissions studies and daylighting analyses.

Using market leading software coupled with our extensive experience we can understand the relative financial and energy consumption impacts of design solutions early on in the process so we take the right design to the drawing board from the start.

Want to install solar panels? We can tell you how much it will cost and how much it will save from your energy bills. Want to add in extra glazing? We can tell you how much more sunlight you will get and what the effect is on your heating bills. In fact, whatever you want to know, we can tell you before pen ever hits paper.

  • Engineering, plumbing and electrical design
  • Sustainability consultancy
  • Energy audits and surveys
  • Thermal modelling
  • BREEAM and LEED certification
  • Calculation RT2012
  • Design of passive houses, maison BBC and Minergie buildings
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Interior design

Interior design

… and we don’t just mean candles and cushions! We can help you enhance the functionality and quality of the interior spaces, whether it’s the initial planning stages of a new-build or the remodelling of an existing structure.

Together we can create an environment that reflects your vision, respects your lifestyle and supports your needs and wants, one that takes into consideration the geographical location, natural setting and particularities of the place.

We will find the most effective solutions for space planning and furnishings arrangements; the best treatments for the walls, windows, floors and ceilings; the ideal colours, finishes, furnishings, fixtures and hardware for your project; and we’ll make sure the lighting and electrical requirements are efficiently satisfied.

All our designs, ideas and suggestions will be accompanied by sketches, models, renderings and photos, so you will know exactly what your project will look like before you make your final decision. We are happy doing things the traditional way and also excited about experimenting with new and innovative materials and processes that will lead to wonderful, original results!

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Project management

Project management

Building is a complex process and needs careful management to keep things on time and on budget. With builders to appoint, decisions to make, contracts to be signed there is a lot to keep track of on a building project. Let us help you and give you a stress-free building experience.

Whether you just need some advice on which builder to choose or you want us to manage the whole job for you, our team of cost managers, quantity surveyors and project managers are ready and waiting.

  • Selection of builders / contractors
  • Analysis and negotiation of contractor offers
  • Review and management of contracts
  • Cost management and budget control
  • Construction supervision
  • Lender’s supervision
  • Quantity surveying
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